ribosomes of e. coli


Ribosomes are the macromolecular complexes in which occur the biological process of translation, in eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

Cloroplasti al microscopio


Chloroplasts are characteristic organelles of eukaryotic plants and algae, in which chlorophyll photosynthesis takes place.

microbial loop

Microbial loop

The microbial loop is a set of links that connect the pool of dissolved organic substance (DOM) to higher trophic levels through bacterial activity, parallel to the “classic” marine trophic network.


The cytoplasm is a dense semitransparent fluid that fills the cell; it is composed of 80% of water. There are some differences between the prokaryotic one and the eukaryotic one. Moreover, it has a lot of functions, one of these is the motion of the cell.